Biology laboratory is well equipped with a vast collection of specimens catering to Botany and Zoology curriculum. This also includes marine forms . The lab is also equipped with quality charts, micro slides and compound microscopes, OHP etc


Our physics lab is situated in a calm area with state of the art infrastructure. It is neatly furnished with deals and cup boards. The lab has open airy and well ventilated atmosphere that it provides utmost safety to the students while performing experiments in the lab.

The hall is spacious. Desks are orderly arranges for easy mobility and utility for about 30-35 students to carry experiments in the lab. The students can move around and perform experiments in the neat setup.

All the various gadgets are well handled by trained staff. The gadgets are calibrated every year and maintained with precision. There are quite a large number of adequate equipments to use. The flush cupboards sleekly store all the equipments and devices, manuals, records of students etc.


A very well equipped lab, enabling students perform their experiments individually. Safety aspects are given prime importance for both students and staff within the lab. The lab is equipped with an alarm which would detect the leakage of LPG.


The school has well equipped computer lab with Internet facility. The senior lab also has a Projector for the Audio Visual Demonstrations which leads to the effective delivery of the curriculum. Both the labs also has UPS facility. The students are highly benefited by the sophisticated technology.


“A resource to make resourceful children and resourceful staff”

Library of Ramakrishna School has a collection book,CDs & magazines which caters to all levels of the end users. Kg section offers separate KG library, juniors have a separate library and the seniors have a senior library housed at KG block, main block respectively.

The books ranging from fiction, facts, education to philosophy, subject development to self development.

A separate library period has been brought in to the regular schedule to provide complete benefit of this material resource to the children, to the teachers and to the non-teaching staff.


Teaching Hindi from I STD as 3rd language, sending to exam through Dakshin Bharat Hindi Pracharsabha. Our students under gone till Visharath&Poorvath.